About Us
Based in Hager City, Wisconsin, Knudsen Trucking is a 48 state
common carrier with full authority.

Kenneth Knudsen started Knudsen trucking in 1964 with one
truck, hauling eggs to the east coast and returning with linoleum
to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kenneth Knudsen retired in 1994 and
turned the company over to his family. Currently the company is
owned and operated by Terry Skorude and Dennis Knudsen.

Our family based company has been providing superior service
and competitive rates consistently since 1964. Over the years,
we've been honored to serve such high profile customers as
Malt-O-Meal, Nestle Health Care, Ashley Furniture, and many
more. We currently ship in excess of 60 loads per week to the
Midwest, east, and southeast.

We pride ourselves on always being there for our customers, no
matter what time or day of the week. This commitment to
customer service has helped us flourish as a trucking company,
and most recently successfully get through the recession.

If you are looking for a transportation partner instead of just a
vendor, call Knudsen Trucking today at 800-827-4604.
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Knudsen Trucking is a women-owned business
and has been certified as a Women's Business
Enterprise by the Women's Business Enterprise
National Council.